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September 26, 2020: “NAPERVILLE TOGETHER”  was created by the Art of Inclusion –a grassroots Naperville organization of residents, artists, students, and community leaders whose mission is “To create public art that reflects the diversity of Naperville and promotes unity and inclusion in our community.”

In September 2020, over 18 artists, both amateur and professional and ranging in age from 15 to 80 and from all walks of life and ethnicities, came together over two weekends to create the first Art of Inclusion project. 

When you view the work from a distance, you can see the words “Naperville Together,” our primary theme of unity. Zooming in, you can see there is within the letters for each artist to represent our diversity. The work of all of the artists demonstrates inclusion. To represent our community, the letter N has handprints of children and residents. The red, white, and blue colors signify our country, and the handprints denote unity. Continuing on, the letter A with its skin-tone rainbow stands for ‘all.’ While individual letters may have differing themes or topics, each letter is part of the greater message that in spite of our differences, our unity is the most important aspect.

Art brings us together. It makes us think, it touches us, it inspires us, and it reflects who we are.

Inclusion is a guiding principle for every action we take, a part of everything we do from beginning to end at every level of our organization, our board, our volunteers, and artists, and continuously looking for more ways to reach out to the community to participate. It’s about accepting our differences and other points of view and working together to find common ground. This project demonstrates how community members can work together to express themselves in positive ways, where our differences are celebrated and respected.

We are very pleased to have partnered with Naperville Township and the City of Naperville on this project.

-written by Sun Kwok